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Anonymous wondered,
Ur super cool and I like ur art have a nice day

Anonymous wondered,
Gonna miss you Sofi! Your drawings were surely one of the best and you were actually the first blog I ever followed here, really gonna miss you but good luck in whatever you go off to do now uwu

[ sdfghjk you’re so sweet thank you so much / w \
  that means a lot to me tbh, & maybe one day i’ll
 pop back here & start posting art again, who knows?
you. you have a great week okay. don’t let sofi down.
                                                                      uwu  ]

/ o \

/possibly/ permanent hiatus;

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   ❝ there’s  ąℓщąγş şσɱεσŋε

OUT THERE  føя чøυ.


crappy banner i know dont kill me
☬indie norman babcock role play blog uwu
☬semi-selective, multi-verse, multi-ship, oc-
 friendly, multi-fandom, open to crossovers
and alternate universes !
☬one-liners, semi-paras, paras, crack and 
non-crack, etc.  slightly late replies.
☬ 3-4 months of role play experience. please
 bear with me.
☬ mostly sfw/safe for work (but triggers will be 
tagged if ever)
☬ skype is open to mutuals! c:
☬will accept drawing, editing and drabble requests
( though im not amazing at it, don’t expect anything
extravagant kk ) 
☬mun and muse are underage; will not accept
smut role plays.
☬mun is open to everyone!! (❁´‿`❁)

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Okay so how the heckdid I even get passed like… two followers? I was very hesitant about this blog at first because even though Marcy may be my favorite  by far, I honestly didn’t think I’d stand a chance. But here I am! The feeling that I actually mean something to someone, and that I can put a smile on someone’s face just by talking to them… It’s a great feeling. I have yet to have a bad experience on here, and it means a lot. Thank you thank you thank you nerds.

*Don’t feel bad if you’re not on here. There’s a LOT of blogs and I’m sure my eyes are gonna hurt by the time I’m done. Hur hur.

                                             ❝ʜᴇɴᴄʜᴍᴀɴ fᴏʀ ʟɪfᴇ…

Srsly, special recognition to ask-mordo-dude, and you should have seen this coming, bro, for being there for me through all my bullshit. And I know my bullshit can be hella annoying. Stupd head. ily.」

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                                                   ❝…ᴍᴇᴀɴs ʜᴇɴᴄʜᴍᴀɴ fᴏʀ ʟɪfᴇ!❞

On and On || @askprincessinferno

♣ candiologist: ♣


▒ █ .: ♚ :.   People all over town have been dreading the Ice Queen’s visit. Not only that, but the monarch of the Candy Kingdom — Prince Gumball — seemed to be dreading it the worst. With an arranged marriage as a form of compromise between kingdoms, could you really blame him for being so miserable?

If only Bonnie knew of her biological parents’ royal past.

Hundreds of people came to the estate to rampage and mob over the Queen’s scheduled visit, claiming that they didn’t want her there and making their statements clear with signs and chanting. 

Glancing behind her, she noticed a rather familiar figure in the distance. Unsure of weather the girl was trying to get through the crowd or not, Bonnie quickly approached her. “Hey! What are you doing?! Hopefully you’re not gonna try to get past all these people, right?”

─▐ ▐ ─

Brows raised on hearing the Princess’ words.
Perhaps it was unjust to appear at a time like
this, but —— she couldn’t help it. Despite the
fact that she had earned her title as a K I N G,
there were always these times when curiosity
was allowed to consume her. She knew she
had to rid of it, but as of now, it didn’t really —-
matter. After all, she was already there.

   It wasn’t her fault that she was locked in a lantern
   for more than half her life. Being naive and useless
   for how long? It was the person who was confronting
   her now. It’s all on her. But that doesn’t anymore, does
   it? Because she had somewhat apologized. And that
   was good. 

Trust was not something she’d
earn, though.

                   ❝ Not really. I’m just wondering
                      why they’re all here. What’s
                      going on, exactly

artistictunes wondered,
Don't worry, Flame Princess mun! Take a break for as long as you need! Coincidentally, I just got out of mine! Now, go relax or something, you need it ^^ Have fun, and i'll miss you!

i m p o r t a n t;


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//its nearly 1am and i made a new
blog to rant about my paranorman
love hhh sorry for the butt load of
ooc recently

its called norgatha how right??? so
yeah thats about it; goodnight or
good day to you ;v;


//sorry for not being active lately
im currently obsessed with my
current fandoms (most especially
paranorman who knew?) so ive
lost flame princess muse so 
i cant reply or write?? im so sorry
friends ;o; 

however, i’ll try to answer the ooc
questions or whatever. thanks
for understanding! ♥


Aggie is the Lightning Princess, since she can’t quite pull off flames…

(I’m glad I’m not the only one who made this connection, though! I think Norman would totally watch AT after he heard about the ‘post-apocalyptic’ thing and decided to check it out.)


Adventure Time - Ocarina (HQ)

Here’s a YouTube version of the full episode. Enjoy!