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ask-grim-princess-sister-war wondered,
Don't worry, Flame Princess mun! Take a break for as long as you need! Coincidentally, I just got out of mine! Now, go relax or something, you need it ^^ Have fun, and i'll miss you!

i m p o r t a n t;

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//its nearly 1am and i made a new
blog to rant about my paranorman
love hhh sorry for the butt load of
ooc recently

its called norgatha how right??? so
yeah thats about it; goodnight or
good day to you ;v;


//sorry for not being active lately
im currently obsessed with my
current fandoms (most especially
paranorman who knew?) so ive
lost flame princess muse so 
i cant reply or write?? im so sorry
friends ;o; 

however, i’ll try to answer the ooc
questions or whatever. thanks
for understanding! ♥


Aggie is the Lightning Princess, since she can’t quite pull off flames…

(I’m glad I’m not the only one who made this connection, though! I think Norman would totally watch AT after he heard about the ‘post-apocalyptic’ thing and decided to check it out.)


Adventure Time - Ocarina (HQ)

Here’s a YouTube version of the full episode. Enjoy!

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I don’t see your point.

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What’s that you
   got there?  

Anonymous wondered,

ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ ᴏғ ᴍᴇᴍᴇs

♫ - A drabble about our muses inspired
by the next song that comes on shuffle


[ Song: Ain't it Fun - Paramore ]

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Sometimes when I say stuff in the tags of an RP and get no response it’s like


(Source: xtelumendil)

Masterlist of Memes



  • ☹ My muse is visiting your muse on their death bed
  • ♫ A drabble about our muses inspired by the next song that comes on shuffle
  • ☻ A drabble of our muses on their wedding day
  • ☺ my muse trying to piss yours off
  • ت our muses running into each other after not seeing each other for several years
  • ヅ for a situation that got both our muses arrested
  • シ my muse walks in on your naked
  • Ü your muse walks in on my muse naked
  • ϡ a goodbye letter from my muse to yours
  • ♥ you muse suprises my muse with a kiss
  • ۵ my muse kisses yours to shut them up
  • ღ a forehead kiss from my muse
  • 웃 my muse torturing yours for information
  • 유 my muse trying to seduce information from your muse
  • ^ a holiday drabble featuring our muses
  • () our muses are together when they get ambushed
  • ≑ my muse wakes up in your muse’s body
  • ?  my muse will ask your muse a question they always wanted to ask
  • + my muse has died and your muse is included in their will
  • ◈ my muse’s reaction to finding your muse beaten and bruised 
  • ♊ my muse will do something stupid to impress your muse
  • ✃ your muse visiting mine in the psych ward
  • ♋ my muse visiting yours in the psych ward
  • ❅ my muse rescues yours
  • ✪ my muse seeing the ghost of your muse
  • ● my muse’s turn offs
  • ○ my muse’s turn ons
  • △ our muse’s get in a playful wrestling match
  • ⍢ my muse gives yours a hickey
  • ✧ our muses having dinner together
  • ☎ my muse drunk dials your muse
  • ✈ our muses on a flight together
  • ☼ my muse giving yours a massage
  • ♡ my muse flirts with your mue
  • ☣ your muse visiting my muse in prison
  • ♌ your muse visiting mine in prison
  • X my muse doesn’t remember anything from the night before. They have blood on their hands, and your muse is beaten at their feet.
  • ☁ our muses are trapped in a fire together
  • 〰 our muses are at the beach together
  • ❢ my muse has lost their memory, and at the sight of your muse starts to remember things
  • ✑ my muses daily routine
  • ❂ a new years eve memory from my muse
  • ✬ our muses share a new years eve kiss
  • ✆ your muses name, ringtone, and icon in the muse’s phone
  • ◙ a christmas gift from my muse
  • ♍ a sexual story from my muse
  • ₩ our muses are caught in a thunder storm together
  • ❊  a regret my muse has about your muse
  • || your muse tracing one of my muse’s scars
  • // my muse tracing a scar of your muse’s
  • \ my muse hearing your muse scream
  • < our muses go out for coffee together
  • > my muse visit’s your muse’s grave
  • {} my muse injures your muse
  •  your muse injures my muse
  • ☩ a dream my muse has about your muse
  • ☨ my muse searching for your muse
  • ☦ my muse trying to cheer up your muse
  • ✞ my muse taking care of a your muse while their sick
  • ✛ my muse trying to calm your muse down
  • ✜ my muse trying to get your muse to recover from amnesia
  • ✝ a confession from my muse to yours
  • ✙ our muses shopping together
  • ✠ our muses watching the stars together
  • « a past memory with our muses
  • » a daydream my muse has about yours
  • ✐ a mistletoe kiss
  • ✎ our muses going to a costume ball together
  • ✏ our muses are evil and out reaking havoc together
  • ♔ a kiss on the cheek
  • ♕ a kiss on the palms
  • ♖ a kiss on the back of the hand
  • ♗ a kiss on the nose
  • ♘ a kiss on the eyelids
  • ♙ a kiss on a bruise

Sentence Memes

  • "You belong to me"
  • "I found you"
  • "I’m in jail"
  • "You make me so hot"
  • "I have to leave"
  • "Please don’t leave"
  • "And what about our parents?"
  • "Who did this to you?"
  • "You shouldn’t have done that"
  • "What happened last night"
  • "We never tell anyone about this"
  • "So, you want to play games?"
  • "Does that require pants?"
  • "Lets just have a lazy day"
  • "Then go kill the bitch"
  • "I’m pregnant"
  • "You broke me"
  • "Don’t touch me"
  • "You can’t fix this"
  • "There’s nowhere we can hide"
  • "I’m not listening"
  • "Who do you think you are?"
  • "I don’t need you here."
  • "Did I fall asleep?"
  • "A little evil goes a long, long way."
  • "I will not die."
  • "I don’t care."
  • "I have no regrets."
  • "I feel numb."
  • "All monsters are human."
  • "You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine."
  • "How many time have I told you to be more careful?"
  • "Let’s get you to bed."
  • "I can’t even look at you, you promised not to get into any more fights!"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Do you trust me?"
  • "How did you escape?"
  • "Is that blood behind your ear?"
  • "Take. This. Off. "
  • "What’s in it for me?"
  • "What’s in it for you?"
Anonymous wondered,
first elsanna now norgatha?? what is it w you and incest ships? your sick.


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//yo im back from a shitty day at
school; i would post doodles but
like for a starter i guess?

I was going to answer you but I got distracted by something and forgot
My inbox fucked up and ate the message
I have nothing else interesting to say
I suck at socialising and don't know how to reply
I get a lot of messages and it takes a while to get through them
I hate you and never want to see you again